Oracle Commerce ATG & Endeca

Jianghuaworks have helped dozens of leading enterprise brands leverage Oracle Commerce Solution Suite to deliver engaging, relevant and profitable retail experiences. We are experts in integrating our customer’s ERP and CRM solution suite with their chosen Ecommerce platform to streamline the business processes and enhanced user experience. We also offer specialized services in Shipping, Payment and Tax Integrations.

We believe the job is not done until you see measurable and sustainable business results. That’s why we often begin with a Commerce Strategy Assessment & Roadmap to help you ensure your organization is prepared to be successful with next generation commerce.

We empower our clients to deliver a personalized, multi-channel and engaging retail experience to the end users across various mediums – web, mobile, social and in-store.

How we can help?

We leverage Oracle ATG Commerce platform to determine the E-Commerce strategy for our clients.

  • Omnichannel commerce and online strategy
  • UX Design and implementation
  • Backend system integration
  • Platform configuration, integration and implementation
  • Migration and upgrade
  • Managing application and infrastructure
  • Support and Maintenance

We integrate pertinent features and capabilities in their E-commerce portal

  • Product Catalog
  • Multi-site and multichannel infrastructures
  • Content creation
  • Personalization – Product catalog management
  • Pricing, Promotions and Coupons
  • Hassle-free transactions
  • Managing customer profiles for both B2B and B2C applications

We also utilize Oracle Endeca for cross-channel customer experiences. Endeca leverages data from ATG for Search and Page management and layout, content placement, and dynamic delivery of products, content, personalization strategies, and contextual merchandising.

  • Leverage updates from web analytics, user reviews, social content, and local store inventory.
  • Combine structured content with unstructured content, such as PDFs and video.
  • A faceted approach helps you manage choices across every level of the catalog.


A business model that fits you


On-Site Support

Our staff is fully integrated into your team at your premises

On-Site Service/Work Package

Our staff is co-located at your premises executing the work based on agreed deliverables and Key Performance Indicators

Off-Site Service

Our staff is based in ATG Europe offices and works based on agreed deliverables and Key Performance Indicators.
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We have 30+ professional full-time employees, in the composition of QA, BA, Architect and Project Manager.


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